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The building extends its limits into the plaza and become more transparent to the public. The sewage system, bassed on a natural process, ends into a lagoon where all the waste water from the building is naturally purified by macrophyte plants. The purified water is stored under the ground within a gravel tank and it is used for all the irrigation needs of the plaza, this artificial landscape emulates a natural riverbank. All this is surrounded by an artificial topography created as an enclosure and protection filter from the aggressive industrial environment. Ecopolis Plaza applies the economy of means to the field of sustainable construction, where efficiency usually means higher construction cost. The project cost per square meter is more than 35% less than a conventional building.
Project: ecosistema urbano Category: Civic Location: PLAZA ECÓPOLIS, 1 – RIVAS VACIAMADRID - 28529 MADRID - SPAIN Client: City Council of Rivas-Vaciamadrid Year: 2010 Study Time: 6 months Completion Time: 14 months Total Cost: 2.700.000 € Building cost per sqm: 700 €/m2 Plot Area: 3000 m2 (building floor area) + 7.500 m2 (public space) Total Plot Area: 10500 m2
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