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Dolomiti Lodge Alverà

Design and Environment in Harmony

Moreno Trisorio

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Located in the heart of Cortina d’Ampezzo, with the soaring Tofane mountain group as a backdrop, Dolomiti Lodge Alverà is a boutique hotel with an eco-friendly soul that was constructed with great respect for the surrounding environment. The hotel opened its doors in December 2017, having been designed by Moreno Trisorio and built entirely using wood supplied by Rasom Wood Technology, a company boasting over five decades of experience in sourcing, using and building with wood.

It is hardly surprising that wood is the

stand-out feature of this design. Inside, wood is intelligently combined with elegant woolen fabrics and extensive glazing, especially in the hall, the bar, the restaurant and the ten suites, where the use of glass frames the stunning setting in which the resort is located.

The complex was built using X-Lam panels in European spruce, with the sizing based on the anti-seismic protocol defined in “Progetto Sofie”, which was a comprehensive research project carried out by the Trees and Timber Institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR - IVALSA) that Rasom WT both advocated for and then was intricately involved in.

The building envelope uses two Rasom systems that made it possible to complete the construction work in only seven months. The Casa Fiemme System was adopted for the floors and walls, while the Tetto Fassa System was chosen for the roof. Both options use joints and fastenings tested for earthquakes, insulation that offers excellent thermal comfort and materials that are vapor permeable and suitably soundproof. For this specific project, these systems had also to be customized slightly, which was done by Rasom’s technical consultancy department, a team of professionals with experience in working with designers and architects to find the best practical solution to any design quandary and to provide swift on-site solutions when issues arise during the actual construction phase. The building process focused on limiting any cold and sound bridges, and making sure all seals were air and water tight to produce a structure that would not only exude quality but also be very durable. As for all projects Rasom takes on, the on-site work was only done by highly skilled carpenters who receive constant training and refresher courses provided by the company.
The entire construction was prepared in the company’s plant and has ETA-CE certification. The thermal performance and air tightness meet the demanding standards for Class A+, which really makes the building environmentally friendly in combination with the biomass power unit, and the solar and photovoltaic systems. The desire to produce an exceptionally comfortable boutique hotel and the use of bio-compatible materials have ensured Dolomiti Lodge Alverà can proudly say it is in harmony with the environment and surrounding area.



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