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New Living Styles

New Living Styles
By Editorial Staff -

DialogaRe - New Living Styles is a cycle of meetings conceived by THE PLAN with input from Milano Contract District (MCD) partners. The 2018 edition finished on 27 November having welcomed leading lights from the design and real estate worlds. The goal was to foster and support dialogue between architects and real estate investors, focusing particularly on how the approach to design is changing in relation to developments in society. MCD has positioned itself as a key real estate forum, providing a venue for people from across the building industry to come together and explore ideas and enjoy events attended by representatives from leading interior and furnishing brands, including Ernestomeda, Fontanot, Cesana, Lema, Lualdi, BTicino, Florim, Gessi, Flos, Listone Giordano and Resstende. The most recent event held at the showroom in Milan on Via Melloni saw William Guerra, of the Guerra Immobiliare Group, and Davide Macullo, of Davide Macullo Architects delivering the key talks. “Designing in Context” was the title for Davide Macullo’s contribution, looking at how we can better understand past and present ambitions to forecast future scenarios. Macullo strongly believes the central role of architecture is to bridge the gap between the spirit of a place and its future, allowing the skills of the past to be transported into the present in a new guise suited to current demands and truly focusing on people and meeting their needs. In his very intimate vision of design, an architect becomes a “psychologist of space” who must interpret sensations and ambitions to mediate between the private and the public, while drawing heavily on his or her instincts. William Guerra’s talk, entitled “Civitas Vitae: the Infrastructures of Social Cohesion”, took the gathering in a different direction, highlighting the growing trend for investment in healthcare and social cohesion facilities. For him, multi-purpose buildings, housing, retirement and nursing homes, youth centers and services must all be conceived around the individual. Such buildings are innovative complexes that explore new trends and lifestyles, following and responding to the latest needs and situations found in contemporary society. This brings together real estate investors and architects in joint projects in which each party brings its skills to the table to find concrete solutions for the future.

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