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Conoor House

Studio Lotus

27 October 2015

A vacation house for a family of four was to be created at Conoor, Tamil Nadu. Conoor lies in the blue mountains of Nilgiris covered with lush green estates of tea and coffee, fruit orchards and botanical gardens with a pleasant temperature throughout the year. The design response was aimed at harnessing the maximum advantage of the climate and the site of 3000sq ft. located at an altitude of 1800m.
The roof was envisioned as a skin covering the length of the house (which steps down in section) and opens to the low winter sun on the south side and views of the valley on the east. The form of this pre tensioned roof, inspired by the weave of a basket, emerges from the ground on the other two sides creating a cocooned experience.  As the design evolved, the roof was split in two to draw in light to the darker pockets of the house, thereby opening a venue for relationships in scale and shape between the smaller and larger roof to be explored. The inner spatial arena was partitioned by restricting the wall height to 7 feet with glass being extensively used. The entire process of ideation and conceptualization culminated in the creation of a marvelous piece of art nestled the beautiful hillside landscape Conoor.


Lotus is a multidisciplinary design practice whose work seamlessly weaves Interior and Exterior spaces, from large Architectural ideas to the smallest of Furniture details.

Lotus works on the principles of Conscious design – an approach that celebrates local resources, cultural influences and a keen sensitivity to the impact on all stakeholders. The firm prides itself on its collaborative work environment, which brings the best out from within the team of 44 talented and highly committed individuals from multiple disciplines, working together in the domain of Interior Design & Spatial Narrative.

The firm has won numerous awards Nationally and Globally and its projects have been published in various publications in India & abroad. Some of its accomplishments include World Holiday Building 2011 at WAF Barcelona, DFA Grand Jury Award (Hong Kong) 2012, IIID Design Practice of the year in 2009 & 2011, Awards in Hospitality Design, silver at the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, amongst several others.

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