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Fjord Collection

Versatility and elegance

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 4 April 2017

The allure and beauty of the Scandinavian landscape provides the inspiration for Fiandre’s Fjord collection, drawing on the dominance of nature and the primary role of stone in this northerly land to influence and enrich the collection. 

The porcelain stoneware slabs are - in complete harmony with such an approach - truly inspired by Scandinavian stone, becoming the defining aesthetic element in any setting, without compromising on durability and versatility. The tone-on-tone hues create a vast array of colors for this collection, while always conveying that sensation of looking at natural surfaces eroded by time and the elements. The slabs come in the seven neutral, delicate colors of the Fjord collection (Beige, Black, Brown, Dusty, Grey, Sand, White), including a honed finish, making it possible to harmoniously use similar tones or create pleasing, deliberate contrasts. 

The versatile nature of the collection means it does more than just interpret a contemporary, minimalist style, also conveying an elegant, refined sense. As such, Fjord slabs are ideal for open spaces and indoor areas, especially homes and shops (with an R10 slip rating). The Dusty, Grey and Sand colors also come in a 2 cm thick version with an R11 A+B+C slip rating, making them suitable for any outdoor setting. The final piece of the puzzle is found in the numerous sizes: 150x75, 75x75, 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 cm.

The nature of the Fjord collection underscores the defining principles that have always guided Fiandre: innovation and technology. The company is also sensitive to environmental issues, as proven by its LEED, ISO 1400 and EMAS certification. 

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