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Chesa Diana St Moritz, Switzerland

Chesa Diana St Moritz, Switzerland
By Redazione The Plan -
Chesa Diana is a two-family house, nestled along the lakefront in St Moritz, designed by enma SA, a Suisse company owned by Enrico Meneghetti. Another house - with the same name - used to stand on the site, but that traditional local structure was torn down to make room for this new building that is the same size, but that integrates far better into the surrounding environment and landscape. The new house is a wood and stone construction that fits in well with the lake and the imposing Bernina Range. The completely glazed front is characterised by the slope of the roof and the solid wooden balconies that have glass parapets, allowing a sweeping view, even from inside, of the surrounding landscape. On the stone sides, the windows are small, but carefully placed to allow focused views. In both cases, the nature of the windows is fundamental to the perception of the interior and exterior. Inside, the house is divided into two double-floor apartments, each with three bedrooms (with bathroom and wardrobe) and open-space living areas. The main interior spaces all have lake views, while the secondary areas have lateral ones. In the open-space areas, the functional features are all part of the central section to ensure unobstructed views and no restrictions on space usage. The glazed first-floor corridor connects the apartments to a leisure space with a gym, sauna, Turkish bath and other bathrooms that has been dug out at the rear of the house, on the mountain side. Despite its location, this area receives plenty of natural light through large windows, creating a cosy, relaxing space. The furniture was an integral part of the design and, in most cases, the furnishings - grids for the convection vents behind the large windows, built-in wardrobes, bedside tables and beds - were hand-crafted to the designers’ specifications. All the glazed sections - windows and doors, with the related intradoses - are fundamental to the design, especially on the front. They were supplied by Falegnameria Aresi, which also played a consulting role. The architects opted for the 80 mm Essenziale model in larch with a flush finish. These double-glazed windows offer superb heat and sound insulation despite the sizeable amount of glazing. The entire Chesa Diana project is a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional mountain architecture and materials. It is inserted seamlessly into this lacustrine and mountainous landscape using new technology and ideas that, nonetheless, are in harmony with the surrounding territory

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