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Panorama Business II Center

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Panorama Business II Center
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Panorama City is a new complex in Bratislava, a center for city life on the banks of the Danube near the Slovak national theater and the Eurovea Galleria mall. The zone has recently seen significant economic development and new building work. The masterplan for the development includes offices, luxury apartments, lawns, restaurants and parking lots in an attempt to create a quality contemporary center for the city. Panorama Business II, part of the complex, is an office block that will become the business center for the mall. It was designed by a Slovak practice, GFI, with a brief to create a modern, contemporary building that was sustainable, comfortable and able to limit consumption. Part of GFI’s solution was to create an aesthetically uniform façade using large slabs. In its search for the ideal provider, it chose Urban by Lapitec, which created a new large format collection for exteriors. The glazing is framed in a geometric grid of sintered stone in the Casablanca nuance, with light hues to shape a rectangle of white that adds elegance and purity to the building. The office complex consists of an L-shaped building that forms two sides of a complex centered on a courtyard with its own public garden. The building has different heights, with the tallest section - the short side - rising eight floors above ground. The two main elevations, facing north-west and south-west, have the same regular pattern created using white sintered stone and windows with black metallic fixtures to form a very elegant color contrast. Inside, flexibility and functionality were the order of the day, combining offices and open space areas, breakout zones, kitchens and eating areas, meeting rooms and public halls on the ground floor to bring life to the courtyard. The large slabs were fundamental for the façade as they are easy to clean, and resistant to UV rays, inclement weather, cold and pollution. Urban is also completely natural and uses no additive resin. Precisely 102 slabs were required for the building, all 12 cm thick and cut using CNC machines before being decorated using water jet technology. The Panorama City project is a wonderful opportunity for Bratislava to grow, creating a modern, contemporary development in a key part of the city, right in its heart and at the hub of the transport network.


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