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G+S+R House

Caprioglio Associati

G+S+R House
By Francesco Pagliari -

Casa G+S+R is a renovation/change-of-use job on a building and dependent farmhouse which together retain some historical value. The result is two adjacent structures linked by an underground area housing the cellar and giving direct access from the house to the garage. The house proper has been conservatively restored in the main, keeping the door and window layout and the original materials. A westward-facing portion has preserved the facing-brick columns but used a contemporary cladding of teak slats. To enlarge the kitchen, a cube structure has been added on the northern side, again in modern style. The original materials preserved are local yellow stone alternating with pillars of fair-faced brick mapping out the vertical structure. Indoors, the finish is either render or exposed stonework. Doors and windows throughout are in cor-ten steel and devoid of shutters so as to leave the façade composition more visible. The ground floor of the house is connected to the upper storey by a free-standing glass and steel staircase. A thin metal stairway then leads on up to the loft which is designed as a wellness centre, bathroom and extensive wardrobe space. One successful feature of this project is how it keeps the exposed stonework visible. The transparent walls and door of the lift help one appreciate this. The intention behind the distribution of space was to keep the previous character evident and devote care to integrating inside and outside. By way of respecting the original lie of the land, the garage was dug into a natural slope. This, the only change to the original contours, is softened by an abutment of local yellow stone making it look like a natural feature.

Location: Castelli di Monfumo, Treviso
Client: Private
Completion: 2010
Gross Floor Area: 500 m2
Construction Cost: 1.200.000 Euros
Architects: Caprioglio Associati
Design Team: Francesco Soldo, Barnaba Bortoluzzi
Main Contractor: Impresa Edile di Luigi Bordin e Paolo Cadorin

Bolina Ingegneria
Systems: Studio Tecnico Renato
Lighting Technology: Mauro Cusimano

External Wood Cladding:
Silvelox Doors,
Windows: Cetos
Carpentry: Asolo Arreda

Photo by Paolo Belvedere

Filippo Caprioglio
Born in 1971, he obtained a classical school-leaving diploma and graduated in Architecture from the Venice University Architecture Institute. He went on to take the M-Arch II Masters in Architectural Planning from the Syracuse University School of Architecture. In recent years he has been working on projects in his own right and together with the firm of Caprioglio Associati, of which he is a founder, showing a penchant for new residential and services buildings. Projects have included: international award-winning single-family houses and interior design, apartments, concepts for shops, new offices and medical facility buildings, townscape design. He has also worked for Italian and foreign companies as a designer of lamps, furnishings and objects in daily use. Since January 2002 he has taught architectural composition for American universities at their US- and Italian-based departments. He has been invited to lecture on his own work and sit on juries. Since August 20008 he has held the Kea Distinguished Professor chair at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Caprioglio Associati
Caprifoglio Associati was founded in 1998, pooling the Venetia and Friuli practices of architect Giovanni Caprioglio and branching out, with his son Filippo, into new professional areas involving international contacts, projects for private buildings and large public complexes, as well as extending to industrial design.

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