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Bestseller Logistics Center North

C.F. Møller Architects

Edited By C.F. Møller Architects - 10 December 2013
(reducing consumption by 75% compared with standard sorting plants) are unique features. Throughout the building, emphasis has been placed on creating pleasant and safe workplaces, allowing daylight to enter, and on creating an intimacy with the landscape and the views, The building sits in a 65 ha greenfield site, designed as a natural area within an inner landscape circle, with 10 ha oak wood planting, wetlands (including a 5 ha lake) and meadows creating a rich biodiversity, with a focus on upholding and recreating the ecological values of the original site. Although the centre is large and efficient as an airport, it has been designed with an architectural sensitivity that is able to lend the advanced technical equipment a human expression: By combining raw technology with good materials, plenty of daylight and a strong social focus, it goes far beyond mere functionality. It also has a strong, sculptural presence and is designed in harmony with the landscape, which arguably is very rare for this type of building. Altogether, it aims to set new standards for a green development of the industrial sector - making it a continuation of the very best in the modern Scandinavian tradit

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