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The auditorium in Seregno is the leading concert hall in the Monza and Brianza province north of Milan. The complex lies partially underground, on the recently regenerated Piazza Risorgimento. The design, by Franco Greco, focused on creating a clear, distinct identity for this public building, without overwhelming the surrounding urban fabric. The solution was to have only the entrance, a curved wooden and glass structure with a triangular plan, on the same level as the square. The view from outside is characterized by zinc finishings and steel pillars. Glass was deliberately chosen to make the visual impact lighter, with the bonus of allowing glimpses of the park behind. The entrance leads down to the foyer and a multi-purpose room - the real reason for the project. This 450 sq.m space can hold 390 people at a concert or be used as a gallery or exhibition venue, or for other events. The seating can be removed or placed automatically, meaning it truly is a flexible, multi-purpose space that can be changed to suit the need. Maple cladding was used because of its acoustic properties. Mapei products were central to the laying of the floor. The residual humidity was such, it made laying parquet problematic, so Eco Prim PU 1K, a polyurethane primer, was applied to the substrate to consolidate and waterproof it. Cracks and gaps in the screed were fixed with Eporip, a two-component epoxy adhesive. Mapei’s Technical Service also recommended Ultrabond Eco S940 1K, a one-component adhesive, as the set to foot traffic is 12 hours and to polishing, 3 days. The final stage was to coat the wooden panels in Ultracoat Easy Plus, a one-component, water-based varnish with high resistance to wear and abrasion. It is also transparent, allowing the warm hues of the wood to shine through.

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