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Attici Newco56

Attici Newco56
By Redazione The Plan -
Purchase of an old seaside hotel at Civitanova Marche gave rise to the Newco56 project, a series of penthouses on the top two floors of a tower block that used to house the hotel. The building rises in mid town and the view from its apartments sweeps from the Monti Sibillini, to Monte Conero and the Adriatic. Adriana Porras and Danilo Carlini’s project speaks a strongly geometric minimalist language with sharp straight lines and alignments.
Broad terraces in wood run round the perimeter, an attractive relaxation and entertainment addition. The elegant wood goes well with Promo’s light balustrades in tempered/hardened glass, fixed by double steel flanges; the see-through material greatly enhances the view. On the sun-roof a wellness area is shared by penthouse owners: it has a whirl system, a corner kitchenette and a wooden gazebo. Glass walls right up the building create visual and functional interaction between apartment interiors and these encircling terraces.
The façade structure by Promo uses Metra Poliedra Sky 50 profiles. It is formed of a structural mullion and transom lattice, 50 mm in architectural section with tubular sections that vary in depth as static requirements dictate. Between the internal bearing structure and the outer shell-fixing profiles a low heat-conducting batten is inserted by way of insulation. On the outside the façade grid is finished in 50 mm wide aluminium seal strips snapped onto the panel-holding profiles. Promo engineered and mounted the window frames, using Metra NC150 STH thermal break profiles in primary aluminium alloy 6060. The system employs sliding windows moving on two parallel runners spanning 2/4 sashes. Large windows and french windows open on a lift-and-slide or sliding mechanism. Outer sunshields with adjustable louvers in prepainted aluminium alloy enable light to be admitted as required or otherwise total blackout. These visors can be hidden under a housing of sheet-metal and box-profile aluminium. If a sudden wind gets up, they shut away automatically. By night artificial light from the large glass openings reverses the outer-inner light dynamics, so that the building glows in the distance.

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