2000 ROSS, a new garage for Dallas’ urban renewal
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2000 ROSS, a new garage for Dallas’ urban renewal

HKS Architects

2000 ROSS, a new garage for Dallas’ urban renewal
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The Challenge 
How can a parking garage become a catalyst for a more robust, sustainable downtown?
Trammell Crow Center (TCC). The legacy 50-story, 1.2 million sf, office tower has served the Dallas community as a premier address for class-A office tenants for over two decades. However, the building was at risk of losing tenants and adding to the diminished value of the CBD, due to two critical factors:

  • Lack of amenities in the area including retail / food offerings.
  • Insufficient parking to meet modern tenant demands.

 An undeveloped block across the street, offered an opportunity to solve the parking needs. However, the design team with AZA INT saw potential to maximize the sites potential for the client and downtown community, beyond just adding another parking garage.  


The Design Solution
A phased urban design and architectural solution with a potential for a much more robust and diverse program. This provides the opportunity to generate greater ROI for TCC and positively contribute to the community in three primary ways.   

  • Developing an innovative garage façade, inspired by the architecture of the Dallas Arts District and enhancing the public realm with a modern, clean, sophisticated architectural expression.  
  • Further enhancing the public realm with street level program space.
  • Designing for adaptability and change thru smart design which accommodates growth, density and diversity of program over time.


The Project Impact
2000 Ross has positively impacted both TCC and the local community with a high-quality architecture expression and a ground plane of active uses that extends the progressive international aesthetic of the Dallas Arts District further into the CBD. AZA INT contributed to Help transforming the neighborhood from dark, gloomy and inactive; to active, bright, uplifting and innovative. And, at the same time planning for expansion of the block in the future with the potential for multiple additional uses including hotel, residential and or workplace.



Architect: HKS Inc.
Design, engineering, facade fabrication: AZA INT
Location: Dallas, Texas
Year: 2020

Photography by © Daryl Shields, HKS
courtesy of KS Inc.

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