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Zorlu Levent Office

Tabanlioglu Architects

Zorlu Levent Office
By Tabanlioglu Architects -

The multistory high-rise office tower is located at the financial district of Istanbul housing several of the world’s top financial institutions and other service sector leaders. The hi-rise is situated parallel to the main street so its footprint is a parallelogram, accordingly. The complex consist of 170 meter major office tower with 41 office floors and the low-rise, like the tail of the office block, comprise a zigzag shaped long main block and smaller blocks connected to each other via bridges. At the low rise, extension being the back wing, there are garden-offices 2 to 4 floors, relevant to the contours and slope of the property. At the low rise, structural diversity generates social areas, sheltered by the pendent console above them. The roof of garden office blocks is designed as green landscape areas. Building users benefit the positioning of the masses that naturally introduces 3 interior courts. Indentations in geometric forms of the main tower differentiate communal areas separating four different office zones. Due to angled façades and forms, the building gives distinct impressions at different perspectives. The building is accessed via several entrances at three directions, being the main entry, the transparent entrance box is formed on Boulevard side, as the prolongation of the low-rise behind the tower. Idea of designing the building in compartments, both at vertical and horizontal forms, is to have a flexible zoning program; this way, the whole complex may be dedicated to only one brand, the different compartments in the block may be occupied by singular brands while common zones are shared, or even those zones may be preferred as garden offices with high-ceilings. Still, each floor may function separately for private companies. The same manner to be practiced in the groundscraper, as well.

Tabanlioglu Architects Melkan Gürsel - Murat Tabanlioglu

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