Wientalterrassen: a new standard for sustainability
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Wientalterrassen: a new standard for sustainability

West of Vienna, a new residential development integrates energy-efficient systems into a contemporary architectural concept

Berger+Parkkinen Architekten Wien

Wientalterrassen: a new standard for sustainability
By Editorial Staff -

To the west of Vienna, the Käthe-Dorsch-Fasse area is an interesting pole of urban expansion featuring new residential developments keeping at pace with the times, indulging and encouraging modern living ideals.

The architectural competition organized by ÖBB Immobilienmanagement GmbH and Wohnfonds Wien established two fundamental requirements in their call for innovative housing proposals: projects must provide support for new family models and single parents, as well as feature an independent and sustainable energy concept.

The winning project, Wientalterrassen, was developed by Berger + Parkkinnen together with Christoph Lechner & Partner and was selected thanks to an idea that blends prestigious architecture and sustainability.


Smart and flexible housing solutions

Wientalterrassen, Berger+Parkkinen ©Wolfgang Thaler, courtesy of Berger+Parkkinen

The nearly 30,000 m2 residential complex is divided into a wide variety of housing solutions: 196 rent-subsidized apartments, 99 smaller smart apartments, two shared units for children and youth, and lastly two assisted living united for people with special needs. In addition, the complex features two central daytime centers that are also dedicated to external users with disabilities, that serve as a center of connection and sharing for residents. All the accommodations have been designed with flexibility and adaptation in mind: light partitions can easily be modified or removed, in order to adapt the floor plans to individual needs.

The form of the lot, marked by the presence of the railroad to the north and sloping slightly toward the river to the south, determined the structure of the building, which consists of comb-like volumes closed toward the railroad and open to the south, overlooking the river.

The two main façades are total opposites: while both characterized by alternating white and red-brick volumes, the north-facing façade is closed and compact, while the south-facing façade is open, lively, and marked by the presence of courtyards, terraces, and gardens on staggered levels. The green and the gardens are a fundamental element not only for interaction between residents but also for the mitigation of urban heat islands during the summer months.

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Sustainability in construction and management

Wientalterrassen, Berger+Parkkinen ©Daniel Hawelka, courtesy of Berger+Parkkinen

The main feature of the project is sustainability, pursued not only in the construction but also in the management and operation of the buildings, leading to its klimaaktiv Gold certification. The highly efficient heating and cooling supply, totally independent of fossil fuels, minimizes operating costs.

The residential complex also has a series of innovative sustainability features that distinguish it from other construction projects in Vienna. These include the extensive presence of green roofs and solar panels, integrated into the design of the buildings to create a seamless aesthetic, and which offer important environmental benefits while enhancing the design of the architecture.

Three heat pumps and a geothermal probe system provide heating. Combined with highly insulated fixtures and water-saving systems, they guarantee minimized consumption.


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Location: Wien, Austria
Architects: Berger + Parkkinnen Architects, with Christoph Lechner & Partner
Project Manager: Lucas Schuh
Completion: 2021
Client: WBV-GPA Wohnbauvereinigung für Privatangestellte Ges.m.b.H
Build up area: 30 000 m2

Landscape architecture: Atelier für Landschaft Lindle Bukor OG, Vienna Structural engineering: Gmeiner Haferl ZT GmbH, Vienna
Building services planning: HTB-Plan-Haustechnik Planungs GmbH, Vienna
Building physics: Schöberl & Pöll GmbH, Vienna
Fire protection: Ing. Robert Brugger / Prüfstelle für Brandschutztechnik, Vienna

Photography by Daniel Hawelka, Wolfgang Thaler and Alfred Berger courtesy of Berger + Parkkinnen Architects

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