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Waterfront di Levante

Urban Renewal and Energy Efficiency

Renzo Piano Building Workshop | OBR Paolo Brescia e Tommaso Principi

Waterfront di Levante
By Editorial Staff -
Mitsubishi Electric Europe has participated in the project

As part of the redevelopment of Genoa’s Waterfront di Levante, which aims to reconnect the Fiera del Mare district with the rest of the city, the Quartiere Isola residential precinct is a landmark of sustainability and comfort, thanks in part to Mitsubishi Electric’s contribution. Based on a master plan donated by Renzo Piano, the urban redevelopment will cover a total area of approximately 110,000 sq. m on four plots. One of these, Quartiere Isola – scheduled for completion in 2024 – will be built on an artificial area formed following the excavation and opening of new canals. It is here that the so-called “hulls” are located, a pair of buildings built with fine materials and in full respect of the environment, characteristics that will mean they become the first in Liguria to achieve Gold LEED certification.

Waterfront di Levante Courtesy Mitsubishi Electric

The design for the complex, characterized by large expanses of glass to maximize sea views and natural light, was commissioned from Renzo Piano Building Workshop and OBR, with Mitsubishi Electric supplying equipment for the air conditioning and ventilation system. The Japanese company will supply FX-W-G05 /H high-efficiency air conditioning systems, specially adapted to the needs of the hulls, and EW-HT models for hot water production. Both products will use the sea as an energy source, which fits perfectly with the architects’ desire to ensure people’s well-being and environmental friendliness by using the sea responsibly.

Everything is coordinated by the Manager3000+ 2T centralized control system, which manages heat pumps and multi-purpose units for simultaneous hot and cold water production. An air filtration system, AHU Wizard, will also be installed in the apartments, bringing air purity above the common standards. Once again, Mitsubishi Electric has redesigned and optimized this product for this marine environment to ensure durability and high performance over time. Once built, the hope is that this development will drive improved residential quality in the region. As part of this, a “photovoltaic flying carpet” will be installed and several community spaces will be created, including a gym and smart work areas.

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