Villa RL: a “floating” home in Miami
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Villa RL: a “floating” home in Miami

Federico Delrosso Architects

Villa RL: a “floating” home in Miami
By Editorial Staff -

In the Key Biscayne area of Miami, Florida, Federico Delrosso Architects has created an elegant, minimalist home with a precise, rational design: Villa RL.

“The entire home is conceived as a compact white unit, fended vertically with bands of glazing, partially concealed by the overlap of jutting panels that scatter the continuity, creating the impression of a discontinuous surface enclosed only in glass.” – Delrosso

The volumes that compose the design intersect and interact with each other, giving life to an intense interplay of spaces that are anything but commonplace.

Although not especially unusual, the plot of land where the villa was built offered the architects ample inspiration for the design. The large walls on the eastern and western sides of the home were imagined as floating panels to give greater lightness to the entire design. And these two elevations do appear to float in mid-air.

The front of the home, however, is cut vertically down the middle by a large window that brings natural light inside. The white of the walls further underscores the focus on sunlight, adding a special dimension to the entire design.

Inside, the living room extends northwards, overlooking the pool. Total floor area is around 4800 square feet (450 m2), occupying the ground floor, with a living area and a guest suite, and the top floor, with the family’s bedrooms.

Federico Delrosso Architects has designed a contemporary home that has settled nicely into its new neighborhood with its distinct personality.

Location: Key Biscayne, Florida
Architect: Federico Delrosso Architects 
Local Architect: Alice Beldramme
General Contractor: Genesis Interiors LLC , Fort Lauderdale
Consultant: Genesis Interiors LLC , Fort Lauderdale
Photographer: Claudia Uribe 

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