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Villa Puntara

Parquet: Natural and Durable

Vincenzo Leggio Architetto

By Editorial Staff -
CP Parquet has participated in the project

Located on the outskirts of Ragusa in Sicily, Villa Puntara was designed by Vincenzo Leggio as a three-story family home, with each floor at a different angle, to provide differing views of the surrounding landscape.

The use of materials such as stone and wood not only characterize the overall appearance of the villa and determine the visual impact, but also help to integrate it seamlessly into this self-same landscape.

On the ground floor, the dominant element is the cladding in white stone cut using a natural cleft process. Above this rise two floors where painted surfaces and large windows, with enviable views of the pool and garden, are defining features along with the wooden sunscreens on the top floor.

This use of wood is mirrored inside, where fluidity is central to the layout of the rooms, creating an environment in which the division between outdoors and indoors is blurred, especially through the choices of furnishings and floors.

In such a design, the parquet plays a fundamental role in mediating between spaces. Covering about 500 sq. m, the chosen parquet was CP Parquet’s Select European Oak 3-layer floorboards in a brushed, varnished finish from the Natura line in the Antico Asolo collection. The transparent, eco-friendly varnish (with TÜV PROFiCERT Interior product certification, because of its low VOC emissions) helps protect the wood, but leaves the veins and structure visible.

This exalts the natural essence of the material, its color and texture, but also provides the necessary waterproofing and protection against wear and damage caused by use and time. The decision to use certified environmentally friendly materials - such as the wood from CP Parquet - was fundamental for a project that placed great importance on both being integrated into and consisting of nature.


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