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Villa Papillon

Bespoke Doors and Windows for an Artist’s Home


Villa Papillon
By Editorial Staff -
Capoferri Serramenti has participated in the project

Built for a Lebanese art collector and his family on the Mediterranean coast of Batrun, Villa Papillon was designed by the architecture firm WORKac. The interior layout of the living space was meticulously designed to optimize the views of both the open-air courtyard and the sea. Expansive windows and doors, crafted by Capoferri in AISI 316 stainless steel, serve as elegant frames for this breathtaking scenery. These multi-mirror doors, with lift and slide mechanisms, not only allow seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, but also invite natural light in to accentuate the artwork displayed in each room. The living room, dining room and kitchen are arranged around a private patch of greenery, while the main living area and master bedroom overlook the sea; on the upper level there is a second bedroom area that also enjoys Mediterranean views. To ensure privacy for its owners, the villa is strategically positioned with closed walls facing the public walkway behind, while embracing the sea in front. Inside, partitions are intelligently designed to accommodate closets, stairs and other domestic infrastructure without obstructing the visual flow. As a result, every room has views of both the outside world and the interconnected spaces within the home. 

Villa Papillon © ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzman + Rocio Romero), courtesy Capoferri Serramenti

Equipped with a custom-made system designed for manual operation, the windows that define the sea-facing front allow open views of the horizon, while also appreciating the meticulous attention paid by the designers to maintaining consistency with the formal language evident throughout the house. Each element is specially shaped with triangular and trapezoidal geometries, from the patio to the pool and roof. For example, louvered steel and aluminum trellises continue the shape of the top of the house, creating a steel pergola resembling a sloping triangular roof. This serves as shading, augmented by the AISI 316 stainless steel louvers that are strategically positioned to welcome sunlight during winter while offering essential protection during the hotter summer months. The room shading systems were also manufactured with AISI 316 stainless steel sunshades mounted on automated fold-open frames. Villa Papillon is alive with an interplay of geometries, solids and transparencies that enhance the relationship between art, architecture and landscape. 

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