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Villa La Personala

Coated in History

Villa La Personala
By Editorial Staff -
Iris Ceramica Group has participated in the project

For more than a decade, Villa La Personala underwent meticulous restoration that has given new life to this building, which belongs to the Counts of Ferri-Personali and where you can breathe the history of both the noble family that gave it its splendor and the surrounding village.

Located in San Giacomo Roncole, in the municipality of Mirandola, La Personala owes its name to the Personali family, who moved here in 1472, when the structure was nothing more than a crenellated tower built in the 12th century. In the following centuries, two more buildings were added to the tower, transforming it into a villa and a true landmark for the local community.

In a tragic earthquake in 2012, the mansion lost its tower and was severely damaged. Today, it is a multifunctional center used for a wide variety of public and private events, many of which provide an opportunity to see how the careful restoration included the recovery of original finishes and elements wherever possible. Of course, in such an ancient building, after the destructive power of an earthquake, it was also necessary to use new flooring, cladding and coverings such as the materials from FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, a brand of Iris Ceramica Group, which found the perfect balance for preserving the link between tradition and modernity. From the Rialto collection, with its clear reference to the Venetian terrazzo style, to the MaxFine collection, with its shades reminiscent of marble and fine stone, each of the floor options selected guarantees excellent technical performance and refined esthetics of the highest quality.   

On the ground floor, the full-body Rialto collection in Beige and Earth is used to decorate the common areas and lounges, while MaxFine, in the CityStone variant, is used in the two meeting rooms and the internal staircases to the upper floors. Here, the Calacatta and Travertino variants were used to add brightness and stately elegance to the 12 suites.

These flooring solutions offer excellent durability, resistance to temperature changes, fire and water, easy maintenance and high functionality. However, they are not just about performance, as the colors and finishes in the various options truly help to recreate the timeless charm and beauty that once radiated from the rooms of this villa.

Clearly, the restoration went beyond just the floors and cladding, consolidating the structure and improving its energy performance as well. The quality of the restoration work was such that in 2021 it received a Certificate of Merit in the international FICLU competition, sponsored by the United Nations, entitled “The Factory in the Landscape”.

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