Villa di Cala Volpe: a sculptured home poised between sea and sunlight
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Villa di Cala Volpe: a sculptured home poised between sea and sunlight

Set on the Abbiadori Promontory, Sardinia, the home interweaves art, design, and nature

Fabio Mazzeo Architects

Villa di Cala Volpe: a sculptured home poised between sea and sunlight
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Barrisol, Visionnaire have participated in the project

Beauty is never static or unequivocal. It changes in time and space on the basis of deep relationships with humans, nature, architecture, and traditions. Located on the Sardinian promontory of Abbiadori, Villa di Cala Volpe was designed inside and out by Fabio Mazzeo Architects. The design brings together all these elements into a sculpture-like dwelling that respects its natural setting, even disappearing into it with a profile shaped by the wind. Connections between the home and its setting are everywhere and both inside and out, with windows that let in the blue of the sky and the sea, furnishings in pastel tones, and floral textures that decorate the interior. Art, design, and artisanry are brought together in the villa in measured, subtle ways, and in different situations created by the interplay of light and shade during the day. As Fabio Mazzeo says, the home is the product of a holistic approach to architecture, adding:

“Our way of designing and creating is rooted in an ideal of Italian beauty that’s never static but always translates into a unique style based on the client’s wishes. We achieve this by working with people with a wide range of skills and competencies – artists, artisans, decorators, painters, and many other creatives and designers – as part of a holistic and organic vision of architecture.”


A villa with curving lines that embraces its site

Villa di Cala Volpe, Fabio Mazzeo Architects ©Massimo Camplone, courtesy of Fabio Mazzeo Architects

Set against the green hues of nature on Abbiadori Promontory, the lighter tones of the villa stand out, dominated by its Navona, walnut, sandblasted, bush-hammered, and polished travertine marble, which continues inside. The home nevertheless blends in with the lie of the land, with its fluid shapes almost reminiscent of waves on the nearby shore.

Occupying three levels and with an area of 14,000 square feet (1300 m2), the home is surrounded by 54,000 square feet (5000 m2) of terraced garden overlooking the sea. Like the garden, the infinity pool is also terraced. Besides having different shapes and features, each side of the home offers different views. The side facing the pool, and overlooking Cala Volpe and the other islands, has large windows that link the outdoors to the living and dining areas via a furnished transitional area beneath a slatted canopy that extends out towards the Mediterranean. The opposite side of the house, where the main entrance is located, invites the eye towards the center with its asymmetrically shaped marble frame. Like a textured painting created in polished and sandblasted steel, the entrance itself evokes a seascape of sails.

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Elegant interiors

Villa di Cala Volpe, Fabio Mazzeo Architects ©Massimo Camplone, courtesy of Fabio Mazzeo Architects

The views from inside the home are also everchanging, with the interiors themselves inspired by them through their elegant, handcrafted furnishings, floral decorations, and unique artworks. One example among the many is in the room dubbed the “home theater,” by virtue of its shape, with its hand-stuccoed panels with gold and silver leaf decorations that echo the skyline of Cala Volpe. Another is in the wine cellar, where oak paneling welcomes guests.

Bleached oak paneling and reflective surfaces create a special light throughout the upstairs level, designed as a large open space where the rooms, from the entrance to the living and dining rooms, seamlessly unfold.

The home establishes an intimate dialogue with its natural surroundings, shaped and colored by the blue of the sea, the green of the flora, and an abundance of natural light.


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Location: Abbiadori, Sardegna, Italy
Architect: Fabio Mazzeo Architects
Complection: 2015
Client: Exclusiva Design
Area: 1.300 m2
Photography by Massimo Camplone, courtesy of Fabio Mazzeo Architects

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