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Villa des sciences

Log architectes

Villa des sciences
By Log architectes -

Log architectes’ housing, office and commercial program deals with a specific corner condition by joining the street-side facade to the gable wall, turning it into a facade in its own right.
A clear and simple volumetry, the rhythmic composition of the facade and the contextually relevant materiality of the building allow it to precisely fit into the surrounding urban fabric. The gable wall, when entering the street, is visible from a 300 meters’ distance, becoming the project's main facade. The ground floor is designed to create a continuity with the shops along the street. The massive grey lintel creates a clear outline of the metal base. The facade composition morphs the classical verticality of the adjacent apartment building into the horizontal windows of the Pasteur building on the other side. These openings frame the view on the city, extending the living areas. The bricks’ colors, a gradient from white to grey and then to a darker anthracite at the top of the building, recalling the color of typical Parisian roof slate tiles, blurs the distinction between the facade and the roof and gives a contemporary lecture.
The corner is handled naturally with trompe-l'oeil windows, stretching out the visual effect of the long openings lining the main street.
A glass block wall creates a clear break between the gable wall and the adjacent red brick cube, providing light into the common areas. The courtyard facade, south east oriented, features large sliding bays, extending the living rooms to balconies and terraces facing the neighbor's ample garden.  

Location: Paris, France
Client: Quanim, Fonciere Logement
Completion: 2013
Net Floor Area: 1.319 m2
Cost of Construction: 3.200.000 Euros
Architects: LOG architects and Jean-Pierre Bouanha (former associate) for the SD et DD phases

Structural: EVP ingénierie
Fluids, SQE: Nicolas ingénierie

Photography: © Vincent Fillon

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