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Technical Ceramics as a Source of Charm and Well-Being

Valeur Concept

Villa Brè
By Editorial Staff -
Iris Ceramica Group has participated in the project

In Lugano, surrounded by a picturesque landscape, Villa Brè is designed to elevate the concept of hospitality, conveying the feeling of “home” in every room. Bringing practical shape to Valeur Concept’s design proved particularly challenging due to the complex logistics of the site and the weather. For example, specific technical solutions were needed, such as creating a special foundation and using anti-radon protection. The result is a luxurious home that blends in perfectly with its surroundings and offers everything you need to relax: outside, a glassed pool allows you to swim surrounded by mountains, while inside, a spa and fitness area offer moments of total comfort.

Villa Brè Ezio Prandini, courtesy Iris Ceramica Group

Every room in the building is designed to convey serenity, for which it was fundamental to select the perfect cladding. The choice fell on Ariostea products, a brand of Iris Ceramica Group specialized in manufacturing high-tech porcelain stoneware slabs. Ariostea’s ceramic surfaces, characterized by innovative technologies and made of high-quality natural raw materials, are durable and long-lasting, vital features in creating a unique, luxury living space. The Rovere Briccola porcelain stoneware floors (120x30 cm) are inspired by the esthetics of sessile oak and were chosen for the fitness area and the spa, offer a feeling of warmth and comfort with a perfect touch of intimacy. Similarly, the Eramosa Brown cladding used for the seating in the spa’s Turkish bath creates a cozy atmosphere.

Villa Brè Ezio Prandini, courtesy Iris Ceramica Group

The feel in the bathrooms is somewhat different, as they are dominated by the light colors of Onice Bianco and Calacatta Lincoln, with whites and grays adding lightness and sophistication to the space. Finally, in the living area, Green Onyx Vein Cut is used for the kitchen and table tops, and Grey Onyx Vein Cut for the fireplace, whose shades blend perfectly with the furnishings and add charm to the room. The careful selection of the materials was central to creating an intimate and elegant atmosphere that conveys a sense of well-being in every corner of the villa. 


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