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depaolidefranceschibaldan architetti

By Editorial Staff -
Mazzonetto has participated in the project

Designed by depaolidefranceschibaldan architetti, Villa BE on the edge of the Veneto countryside is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic local rural courtyard construction in which three volumes are located around a central garden that becomes the visual and social focal point of the residence. The project is a celebration of crisp volumes in a simple, regular design - exalting the parallelepiped shape with a gable roof on each one - and of the dynamic relations between exterior and interior, and with the surrounding landscape and even the light. 
The three-volume villa has two single-floor structures with communal areas and guest spaces, and a double-floor building on the north side of the courtyard, housing the bedrooms on the upper floor and a spa/fitness zone on the lower floor leading directly onto the garden. The horizontal development of these volumes exalts the glazed sections that cover large portions of the façades, protected by metal panels perforated with a square mesh pattern that lets light in and out to give the villa a changing appearance as Helios rides across the sky. 
The regular, crisp lines at the heart of the design are echoed on the roof where The Skin metallic cladding by Mazzonetto is used. The enormous advantage of this material is its flexibility, available in a range of finishings and colors, with various assembly solutions. For architects, this system often provides a practical solution to realize their creative ideas. The roof covering in Vestis aluminum - in agate grey - uses a seam technique that almost wraps the roof pitch like a second skin. To ensure the specific design brief from the architecture practice was complied with perfectly, the technical cladding division at Mazzonetto conducted a detailed analysis. This led to specific drawings for both the unvented asymmetrical ridge, which made it possible to avoid higher impact solutions, and the concealed gutters integrated into the roof. The roofing material folds down onto the walls, without any eaves, so it becomes an integral part of the façade and thus a key design element. 

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