Victory Wellness Center: innovating a community’s quality of life
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Victory Wellness Center: innovating a community’s quality of life

The project has breathed new life into two existing buildings in a densely built neighborhood


Victory Wellness Center: innovating a community’s quality of life
By Editorial Staff -

North Hollywood is a Los Angeles neighborhood with several art districts in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

Patterns recently revitalized a densely built area of the neighborhood with a new medical center with a cutting-edge design. From the outset, Victory Wellness Center was conceived as an innovative, replicable model for healthcare facilities that responds to current community needs. The studio began with two existing buildings, one from the ’60s and one from the ’70s, and then set out to use them to bring together in a “cooperative” way independent but complementary healthcare services under the one roof. The beauty and distinctiveness of the center goes beyond its architectural and structural features to include its outdoor spaces, with a plaza that provides a new, laidback open-air space for the whole community, along with a series of courtyards at different levels that appear to have been excavated from the volume. In total, the center has some 108,000 sq.ft. (10,000 m2) of outdoor spaces, with seating (some of it temporary), small gardens, stepped areas, and special spaces for groups. Where there was once a shopping center, there’s now a space dedicated to the mental and physical wellbeing of a community.


Quality of interior and exterior spaces

Victory Wellness Center, PATTERNS ©Here & Now Agency [Paul Vu] , courtesy of Patterns

Traces of the past are still visible – the old big-box supermarket roof, for example. But the overall effect is of cutting-edge architecture, which reflects the cutting-edge medical care going on inside, with added mezzanine and basement levels. And it’s not just the iconic façades that grab people’s attention: large windows play a leading role in many of the rooms, both overlooking the street and the interior of the site. In some cases, the visual connection with the courtyards is immediate, creating a constant relationship with nature.

The outpatient, wellness, fitness, and physiotherapy areas are flexible and modular, able to perform different functions as needs change through time. The center also includes a yoga room on the mezzanine level. In short, this is a healthcare facility that also acts as a wellness center for the whole community.

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Location: North Hollywood, CA
Architect: PATTERNS / Marcelo Spina & Georgina Huljich
Client: 11631 Victory, LLC
Area: 3,923 m² 
Completion: 2023 
Principal in charge: Marcelo Spina
Project Managers: Sanghyun Suh & Alejandro Loor
Architect of Record: Mutuo / Jose Herrasti
Structural Engineer: Matthew Melnyk / Nous Engineering
MEP Engineer: CDME Inc [Mechanical & Plumbing] & Abrari Associates [Electrical]
Landscape: Tina Chee Studio 
General Contractor: E Roane Construction

Photography by Here & Now Agency [Paul Vu], courtesy of Patterns


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