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High-Performance Shading Systems for Sustainable Solutions

Kengo Kuma and Associates

Veterinary School of the University of Milan
By Editorial Staff -
MEDIT has participated in the project

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Lodi is reminiscent of the typical layout of one of the many farmsteads that dot the vast, flat Po Valley in Italy, and its creation required a series of architectural and technological solutions that make it an effective example of dialogue between architecture and landscape. The building, designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, is based on two intersecting blocks with offices in one, and classrooms, lecture halls and other teaching areas in the other. Both are placed along a pre-existing watercourse and ornamental pond, around which a courtyard develops. The extension of the roof pitch along the side of the building creates space for a large portico, which becomes a filter between the inside and the outside.

Facoltà di Medicina veterinaria © Andrea Pisapia, courtesy of Medit

The dialogue between urban development and landscape is reiterated by the careful choice of materials and finishes, from the wooden façades to the technologies that allow natural light to enter the building, for which Medit technology proved essential. With a manufacturing plant near Bologna and a design team in the heart of Milan, the company focuses on creating solutions for managing and controlling natural light in all types of environments, from large buildings to residential homes.

Choosing the right mechanical systems and high-performance fabrics has become essential in optimizing energy use indoors, especially in ambitious projects such as this one, where high elevations and the changing intensity of the sun – and the resulting need for shading – posed a significant challenge. From the outside, the façades are enlivened by the rhythmic progression of opaque and transparent spaces, which required more than 1,000 custom-designed double roller blinds, many of which were installed with quiet, low-vibration motors. The incorporation of automation technology allows the blinds to be adjusted using a motorized sliding system, while the lightweight flocked screen fabric, with its minimalist design, is excellent at blocking light when needed. By allowing natural light to filter through in a controlled manner and providing a high level of visual and energy comfort, Medit’s blinds were instrumental in achieving the Green Building certification.

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