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Vertigo Terrace

Lightness and Strength for a Dizzying Effect

Park Associati

Vertigo Terrace
By Editorial Staff -
MYRTHA POOLS has participated in the project

Design, comfort and contemporary luxury are the three values that inspired Park Associati to create the Vertigo Terrace at the nhow hotel in Milan. Commissioned by Finint Investments SGR, the environment created on the roof of the prestigious hotel is a fascinating location for social events and private celebrations, enhanced by three swimming pools built by Italian company Myrtha Pools. A cocktail bar, a sun deck and a lounge area complete the project with a total area of 750 sq. m. With colorful finishes and extensive use of transparent methacrylate windows and walls, including at the bottom of the main pool, the project combines engineering and creativity.

Terrazza Vertigo nhow Vertigo, courtesy Myrtha Pools

The main attraction of the terrace is undoubtedly the scenic infinity pool,which measures 75 sq. m and extends28 m, offering a unique view of the Milanese skyline. At the bottom, seven circular windows give swimmers the dizzying sensation of being suspended in mid-air, enhanced by the 1.35-m vertical acrylic wall that runs the length of the infinity side, whose strength is provided by a modular stainless steel structure made by Myrtha Pools. Requiring a shortened installation time and limited CO2 emissions compared to building a standard concrete tank, the company designed a structure that is completely waterproof and can absorb the extensive deformations caused by the new loads added on the rooftop. With this project, Myrtha Pools has confirmed its reliability and commitment to tackle challenging new designs, making its solutions a reliable choice for even the most complex projects in the hospitality sector. 

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