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The tradition of a Venetian terrazzo has ancient origins, reaching the height of its splendor in the 16th Century when it became one of the leading Italian artisan creations. This illustrious, classic paving is the source of inspiration for Venice Villa, a gres porcelain tile that was presented at the latest Cersaie trade fair in Bologna by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti. Venice Villa has brought the terrazzo look back into the foreground, exalting the special appearance of crushed marble fragments, with a dynamism and richness of color, and combining this with the high performance of a stoneware tile - durable, resistant and easy to lay, maintain and clean. Designed for shops and homes, Venice Villa has three finishes - natural, polished and structured - and numerous square and rectangular sizes (120x60, 60x60, 60x30, 20x20 cm, which are 10 mm thick). This array of size options ensures these tiles fit in small and large spaces. The collection also stands out for the range of available colors, from the more delicate options like Ivory, Silver, Zinc, White and Beige, to the more dominant solutions, including Graphite, Earth and Grey. Plus, there is Green, Pink, Coral, Yellow and Blue, each enhanced with dazzling fragments and available on request for special projects. The use of fragments and inclusions is central to the varied, traditional beauty of this material, and the differing colors and sizes provide the necessary flexibility for a modern tile, allowing designers to free their creative inspiration in elegant solutions that intermingle delightfully with the light. The Venice Villa collection is a delectable option that stretches across time and fashion to enhance any environment and architecture, be it historic or contemporary in concept.



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