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By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

This unique structure is Norway’s first underwater restaurant. Known simply as Under, it was designed by Snøhetta in Spangereid. The nature of this building inevitably required a whole host of special arrangements to ensure the necessary durability and safety of the construction over time in such an unusual environment. For example, prior to even digging the first hole, extensive marine biology studies had to be conducted to ensure the project would not harm the area, since preservation is at the heart of the concept. Then, once this initial research was completed, it was necessary to plan every phase of building in the minutest detail.

To facilitate construction, the prefabricated structure of the restaurant was assembled on a barge before being gently lowered to the sea floor using weights that were subsequently removed. To prevent water seeping in or cracks in the areas where the structure was anchored to the land, the shell of the building, prior to being placed in the sea, was treated with Mapei products that were specifically developed to guarantee lasting water resistance.

The waterproofing systems injected into the structure were carefully selected by Mapei, which also provided technical support throughout the project to ensure the best product was chosen for each new requirement.

Mapei products were also used inside the restaurant, especially in the restrooms, where Ultrabond MS Rapid was used to guarantee top performance in laying the 3D tiles.


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