Towers of Madonna Bianca
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Towers of Madonna Bianca

Energy Upgrades in Harmony with the Context

Towers of Madonna Bianca
By Editorial Staff -
Manni Group has participated in the project

The multi-story Madonna Bianca complex in Trento is undergoing a renovation project designed by Studio Bombasaro and Studio Campomarzio. The 14 residential apartment blocks were built in the 1970s by architect Marcello Armani and engineer Luciano Perini. Today’s work, carried out with due respect for the existing structure, aimed to improve the energy efficiency of each building, while prioritizing the attentive management of the public and communal areas. Given the residential nature of the buildings, careful organizational measures were necessary to ensure fast and efficient execution.  The choice of façade materials, provided by Isopan, part of Manni Group, played a key role in achieving these objectives. The use of ADDMIRA dry installation technology made it possible to achieve excellent thermal and acoustic performance, coupled with rapid installation and the ability to continue working unabated even in adverse weather conditions.

Torri di Madonna Bianca © Flavio Chiesa, courtesy Gruppo Manni

The use of dry-coat solutions such as ADDCross with a Cotto d’Este porcelain stoneware finish and ADDVision with a Natural Concrete finish allowed the creation of a façade that seamlessly integrates with the existing esthetic while meeting the high performance standards synonymous with contemporary technologies. Thermal transmittance was reduced by 20% thanks to a PIR insulation core carefully engineered for lasting performance. In addition, Isopan’s Leaf technology allowed the panels to be lightweight and of reduced thickness, maintaining the quality of the homes’ interior light while avoiding excessive stress on the structure and simplifying installation procedures. Once pre-assembled off-site, the products can be installed using various solutions, such as the mobile scaffolds used in this case, which make progress extremely fast, up to 60 sq. m per day for every three workers. 

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