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Tosilab a new Workshop for Original Ideas and Projects

Tosilab a new Workshop for Original Ideas and Projects
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Tosilab has participated in the project
Sassuolo has held an inauguration for TosiLab, the workshop for ideas and projects that has formed out of Serigrafia Tosi and Gruppo System. TosiLab is an innovative centre for design and graphic R&D in the ceramics field. It provides an opening for young designers whom it will give an opportunity to test out new solutions, launch ideas and projects and set out on a professional career under the expert guidance of professionals in the sector.
The creation of TosiLab entails the broader project of renovating the outer façades to the original headquarters. This lines both sides of the former Via Falzarego, now dubbed Tosi Street. What used to send out anonymous industrial “vibes” has turned into “creativity town”. The key colour chosen for Tosi Street is grey, which thus becomes the company colour. The graphic motif was taken from the outsize number plaques on the façade walls, which are given a different colour tone from the buildings themselves. This is a reference to the company “contents”: ideas, creativity, design, ceramics, surfaces, texture, lifestyles.
In embarking on this new journey, Tosi and Gruppo System aim to add new research thrust to their now consolidated know-how in graphics and design for ceramic products. Clients will be assisted to “talk through” their own custom-designed projects in line with the latest market and design trends.

Via Falzarego, 70
I - 41049 Sassuolo (MO)
Tel. +39 0536 998411 Fax +39 0536 806607
E-mail: [email protected]

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