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Performance in Lighting has participated in the project
Düsseldorf’s newly regenerated and transformed river harbour district on the Rhine is known as Medienhafen. Home to numerous companies, this zone has seen the construction of buildings designed by some of the world’s leading architects. The skyline is marked by SIGN!, a 76m high office block created by the Murphy/Jahn architecture practice. The structure, with full-length glass façades, is elliptical in shape, with a large glazed dome over the top storey. This space is an events halls, covering 1,200 m2 that can be organised to meet just about any need. This top floor has the added bonus of offering a stunning view across the city. The building, towering above the surrounding edifices, is especially attractive as night falls, when the interior lighting filters out through the glass façades. The internal lighting systems used Spittler devices, with the most suitable solutions adopted in each setting. The top-floor events areas required a flexible lighting system to meet the varying uses of the space. As such, Spittler’s SL 787 pendant luminaire was used in continuous rows to ensure sufficient and suitable lighting for such a large space. The parallel pendant lines run lengthwise across the building, highlighting the architecture. The diagonal overlapping of bands of light inserts and the micro-prism diffuser provide exceptional uniformity and clarity of light, while the ability to dim the intensity further increases flexibility. On the floors used for offices, Spittler’s free-standing SL 740 was chosen as its micro-prism diffuser ensures perfectly ergonomic and economic lighting for each individual user. All of Spittler’s free-standing lights have daytime and motion detectors that reduce energy demand and can result in energy savings of 60%. The corridors and reception areas are lit with custom designed lights installed in both pendant and wall-mounted versions.

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