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A new icon in the Andes

By Editorial Staff -
Targetti has participated in the project

The Andes provide a gorgeous backdrop to Santiago, the capital of Chile, and the 300 m-high, 64-floor Torre Costanera. This skyscraper has changed the skyline of this city and become the tallest building in South America. Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects worked with Alemparte Barreda Wedeles Besançon Arquitectos y Asociados on a glazed volume that stands out against this panorama, its slender silhouette soaring upwards from the north-west corner of the Costanera Center. This multi-purpose complex lies in the north-eastern part of the city, close to the Mapocho river. It covers 47,000 sq. m, and has two further office blocks, shops, restaurants, two hotels, a heliport and a high-altitude public park. It is hardly surprising this zone is labelled a city within a city, with the Great Santiago Tower symbolizing it. Every aspect of its creation was underscored by a desire for sustainability, from the volume design to the choices about the external envelope, from the materials to the installations. Unsurprisingly, the result was a highly sustainable skyscraper. In such a construction, lighting is a fundamental element in cutting energy costs and minimizing maintenance. The architects felt Targetti technologies were key to implementing the lighting project by Douglas Leonard Lighting Designers. This choice was essential to conveying the desired sense of aesthetics and design, while ensuring visual comfort and reducing consumption. The communal areas across the 64 floors have CCTLed recessed downlights that require only 7.2 W/sq. m. This is an impressive 50% below the level needed for LEED certification and boosts the lifespan of the LEDs to 50,000 hours, which equates to close to a decade of maintenance-free functioning. The decision to select Targetti’s CCTLed devices was also driven by their extensive range, meaning every individual requirement in the project brief could find its lighting match. This helps achieve a consistent, uncluttered look. The lighting project has proven exceptionally successful, providing uniform lighting and visual comfort in every environment, regardless of natural lighting levels.

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