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Tina Anselmi Primary School

Zinc-Titanium Juxtapositions

Studio AI Progetti

Tina Anselmi Primary School
By Editorial Staff -
Zintek has participated in the project

The Tina Anselmi Primary School, a project championed by the mayor of Marcon, Matteo Romanello, is part of a renewal and upgrading of school buildings funded by the Ministry of Education, and brings together several school sites previously located in surrounding neighborhoods. When AI Progetti accepted the brief, the agreed objective was to create an open, sustainable school with excellent facilities and a connection to the local community. The firm’s solution was to design a regular building with variable roof slopes that cover the entire space of the classrooms – designed to accommodate up to 660 students – and the ancillary buildings.

The interior layout of the rooms follows a North European-inspired logic that favors flexible spaces that can be reconfigured as needed over a schematic classroom-corridor layout. Green areas are also abundant, accessible from both the gymnasium and other entrances to the school. At the heart of the project is a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional elements of rural architecture through the use of zinc-titanium surfaces supplied by Zintek.

Scuola primaria Tina Anselmi Courtesy Zintek

The company has extensive experience in the construction of schools and put its know-how at the service of the architects to make the school’s roof and cladding in colored zintek®, a solution that will minimize the maintenance of this public building over time. This material was chosen because it is strong and durable, as well as environmentally friendly and recyclable, characteristics that mean it combines functionality, safety and esthetic value. Three different shades of The Color Line series were chosen, with the alternation creating a playful dynamism: the section that houses the classrooms has Rock Gray and Lagoon Green, while in the gymnasium the juxtaposition is between Rock Gray and Mediterranean Blue.

Finally, the same material, again in Rock Gray, was used for the metalwork for the roof connections and for the door and window jambs. For the actual roofs, zintek® was used in its natural color, with a double seam on grooved wooden planks and a ventilated cavity. Zintek’s years of experience and AI Progetti’s meticulous analysis of the technical solutions – from the feasibility study to the working drawings and specifications – ensured that the school received a Class IV rating, which means it can be used as a strategic building in the event of a disaster.

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