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The Venice Venice Hotel

Sophisticated Windows and Doors for an Eclectic Building

APML Architetti, New York City Team

The Venice Venice Hotel
By Editorial Staff -
Secco Sistemi has participated in the project

Located in the Cannaregio district of Venice, Palazzo Ca’ da Mosto is one of the city’s oldest buildings, an iconic example of Venetian Byzantine architecture. The palace has been remodeled and revamped multiple times, but today it is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to The Venice Venice Hotel, a 5-star facility that transcends the concept of hospitality to coexist with history and become part of it. Based on a design by APML Architetti working with New York City Team, esthetic details and traditional materials have been reinterpreted in a new, more essential but no less elegant key, combined with innovative technological solutions, including some from Secco Sistemi.

Every detail, from the doors to the lighting and structural elements, is the result of custom-made design that reinterprets the soul and genius of this romantic building. Those passers-by that are lured to this building because of the majestic façade will be able to enjoy a restaurant, bar, shop and several exhibition spaces. Hotel guests will be housed in one of the 44 rooms, each carefully furnished and enhanced by the abundance of light that filters through the openings, many of which overlook the Grand Canal.

The Venice Venice Hotel © Alessandra Chemollo, courtesy Secco Sistemi


Secco Sistemi’s OS2 75 satin brass window and door frames, with their bright color that forges a delightful interplay with the colors of the interiors, are a perfect match for this storied building. Reduced thicknesses maximize the glazed area without compromising on the excellent thermal and acoustic insulation that is so central to ensuring guests enjoy the comfort they deserve. The OS2 75 thermal break system, winner of the 2018 Compasso d’Oro award, offers a variety of more than 40 profiles to choose from, with visible sections from 27 to 62 mm thick, combined with glazing up to 50 mm, allowing multiple possibilities for the effect on a façade and several options for opening types, including tilt and turn. Striking a perfect balance between the transparent part of the glass and the solid part of a frame made of precious metals, Secco Sistemi’s windows and doors are a studied blend of technological innovation and attention to detail. The essential and discreet esthetics of Secco Sistemi’s products plays a central role in the upgrade of this building, in total harmony with the luxurious and eclectic context of The Venice Venice Hotel.

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