The rebirth of Palazzo Roccabonella, a place with its own soul
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The rebirth of Palazzo Roccabonella, a place with its own soul

The rebirth of Palazzo Roccabonella, a place with its own soul
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CP Parquet has participated in the project

Palazzo Roccabonella, in the heart of Padua, is a place with its own soul, able to get into close touch with the residents’ emotions, generating positive relationships. Originally occupied by a Venetian doctor and philosopher, the building was brought to new life and regenerated by the Carron company to house exclusive flats, created for people seeking a magical and engaging relationship with their home and superior living wellness.

Palazzo Roccabonella is the work in which, for the first time in the world, “4D and 5D” procedures have been applied, for the profound wellbeing of the people and the place, created by architect Caterina Locati. The project combines the most advanced construction technologies with the choice of innovative solutions to guarantee physical comfort, choosing a holistic approach, aimed at ensuring the mental-physical equilibrium of the people and the domestic environment, conceived as a living being.

The choice of materials and finishes went beyond the simple aspects of function and aesthetics. The wooden CP Parquet floors were selected for their ability to convey a positive feeling, in addition to guaranteeing great quality. Ethical principles apply to the entire manufacturing process of these products. They are made with wood from sustainable forests that have not been damaged by irresponsible deforestation, where trees are replanted to ensure the balance of the natural site. Processing took into consideration the wellbeing of man and the environment, using water-based paint and glues that are not harmful to health.

In particular, the prime Antico Asolo line was selected for the floors of Palazzo Roccabonella, choosing splendid oak. Since ancient times, this tree has represented a strong symbolic value. Having strong, large roots that grow deep into the earth and branches that stretch up to the sky, it was believed that it was able to establish connections between the physical world and other spiritual dimensions. The oak CP Parquet floors feature a Hungarian herringbone pattern using large panels of remarkable width and spectacular length. The fine Italian craftsmanship is another element of value that charges the parquet floor with energy and feelings. The craftsmen’s approach affects the finished product and enhances the positive effects, and this is why they are provided with the best conditions of wellbeing to work with passion and attention to detail.

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