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Acoustic comfort is a key component of occupant comfort in any interior. Inadequate acoustic insulation means than noise levels can be a real source of stress, disrupting the physical and psychological wellbeing of those who live or work in the environment.
One of the most recent noise insulating solutions available from Mapei is Mapesilent, a soundproofing system for floating screeds. This dry, moderate thickness system comprises layers of Mapesilent Roll and Mapesilent Comfort, topped by Mapesilent Panels fixed in place with Mapesilent Band R - an adhesive membrane for perimeter walls - and the sealant adhesive Mapesilent Tape. The Mapesilent system was used in the recently built Giax Tower, located in Via Imbonati in the newly revamped and growing neighborhood of Milan. Standing around
90 m high, the tower has 25 above-grade floors and 2 below-grade levels. The building frame comprises a reinforced concrete core and 24 cm reinforced concrete floor slabs, connected to the core and supported by columns made of by high-resistance steel profiles. Mapesilent Roll - an elasto-plastomeric polymer bitumen membrane coupled with a non-woven backing and a layer of polyester fiber - was placed on the floor slab made up of a weight-bearing screed and a top layer for underfloor cables and pipes, taking care to place the membrane’s fibrous backing directly on the floor plate. To avoid possible acoustic bridges, a 5 cm overlap was allowed at the joins of the membrane lengths. These were then sealed with Mapesilent Tape, a closed-cell polystyrene adhesive sealing tape. After that, the adhesive membrane Mapesilent Band R 50/160 was laid and pressed against the walls and all the elements crossing the screed. Soundproofing was concluded with a layer of 3/10 mm polyethylene sheets and extruded expanded polystyrene panels. A self-supporting floating screed using only Mapei products was then created on top, after which the floor surface was laid.


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