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SHoP Architects: architectural design and new technologies

SHoP Architects

Participants Documentary: William Sharples, Christopher Sharples, Corie Sharples, Gregg Pasquarelli
Participants Lecture: Corie Sharples

In 1996, SHoP Architects launched a new design approach that has led to a plethora of non-conventional designs. The significance of the practice’s design approach rings through in its desire to question commonly-accepted practical models, along with the courage, where necessary, to go beyond architects’ traditional competencies. This open-mindedness has made it possible to effectively tackle a broad range of problems common to all projects, from new planning concepts to next-generation building and delivery techniques, and space design that responds to function. SHoP believes that intelligent and evocative architecture has a place in the real world, including among real-world constraints. It is little surprise that clients such as Google, Uber and the US Department of State have all come to SHoP for their projects.

Current projects at the practice include 111 West 57th St a more-than-400 m tall Manhattan skyscraper, 447 Collins, a mixed-use project of some 186,000 sq. m situated in the heart of the Central Business District in Melbourne, and Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco. The practice has won awards that include the National Academy Distinguished Achievement Award, the Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Architecture Firm in the World”, and the Smithsonian/Cooper Hewitt’s “National Design Award for Architecture”.


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