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An insight into GCA architecture: Barcelona and teamwork

GCA Architects

Participants Documentary: Josep Juanpere, Antonio Puig, Josep Riu, Jordi Castañé, Francisco de Paz, Emilio Rodríguez-Martos, Lluís Guillem, Juan Velasco, Andrea Navarro
Participants Lecture: Josep Juanpere, Andrea Navarro, Juan Velasco

Josep Juanpere and Antonio Puig founded the GCA Architects Practice in 1986. Jesús Hernando, Josep Riu, Jordi Castañé and Francisco de Paz subsequently joined as partners. More recently, younger professionals Lluís Guillem, Andrea Navarro, Juan Velasco and Emilio Rodriguez-Martos have all become part of Practice management. The company boasts a multidisciplinary team of more than ninety professionals specialized in architecture and interior design, from senior and junior architects to building engineers, interior designers, consultants, project managers, and communications specialists. Covering every stage of the design process, this multi-talented group leverages the senior partners’ experience and the freshness and innovation of its younger generation employees.

GCA’s blend of experience and innovation has won acknowledgments around the world. The Practice has grown a consolidated international client list, building projects in many European cities (Paris, London, Brussels, Lisbon, Porto, Milan, Budapest and Prague), Africa (Morocco) and North America (New York and Vancouver).

GCA Architects’ proven design experience spans more than a hundred city hotels, thirty resorts, forty corporate headquarters, a hundred fashion boutiques, fifty residential buildings, seventy detached houses, as well as restaurants for renowned Michelin-starred chefs. The Practice’s flagship projects include the Hotel Arts (Barcelona), the Eurostar Madrid Tower Hotel (Madrid), Pronovias offices and boutiques (Barcelona, ​​London and New York), offices for the Cuatrecasas legal practice (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Lisbon and New York), MANGO design and logistics centers, The Hotel (Brussels), the Boho Prague Hotel, the Puig Headquarters Office Tower and the Platinum BCN 22 @ building, which LEED picked out as the world’s most sustainable workspace.

GCA Architects has a number of projects currently under construction, including the Student Hotel Barcelona, ​​a 5-star Hotel in Dubai, two luxurious convalescence hotels in Budapest, the Downtown Hotel Kelowna (Canada), the Six Senses Hotel in Ibiza, A Hotel & Villas in Morocco, and a hotel in Porto.


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