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FXCollaborative and urban alchemies: repair and transformation


Participants Documentary: Dan Kaplan, Sylvia Smith, Angie Lee, Guy Geier
Participants Lecture: Dan Kaplan

We believe in the power of intelligence, intuition, and interconnection to design a better world. We build places that resonate and endure. We design with deep respect for our Planet’s resources. We celebrate our clients’ unique cultures. We embrace diversity and promote social responsibility. Our holistic approach integrates client aspirations, an urban sensibility, and a celebration of the craft of building. Our work ranges from the scale of individual buildings and interiors, office towers, multi-family residences, cultural facilities, workplace, K-12 and higher education institutions - to the city as a whole, addressing infrastructure and transportation.We advance design that stimulates and inspires; design that tells the story of place, of organizational aspiration, and of synergy between the natural and built realms. We derive aesthetic integrity and an enduring design character through continuous exploration of holistic function and essential components. We orchestrate a partnership with clients, stakeholders, consultants, and our staff, in order to galvanize the best resources of innovation and experience. We implement a transparent, thoughtful, and rigorous design process that promotes excellence and sustainability.

We have built upon the knowledge of founder Bruce Fowle, whose early experience designing solar-responsive, naturally-ventilated homes led us to become a pioneer in the green building movement. Our projects represent the assimilation of years of knowledge and technical expertise building sustainable environments congruous with our clients’ values. Our work has a distinguished record of achieving performance metrics of sustainability and energy efficiency, including LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, ENERGY STAR, the 2030 Challenge, and other international rating systems. We continue to advance our sustainability objectives and expertise by focusing on Passive House and Net Zero Energy projects.

Founded in 1978 in New York, our practice encompasses architecture, interior design, planning, and urban design. We are headed by eight partners, with a staff of over 150 architects, designers, urban planners, and allied professionals.


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