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Ten-inch Multimedia Video Touch Home Automation and Design

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 2 May 2012

The ten-inch Multimedia Video Touch is the latest touch screen in Vimar’s Eikon Evo range of home automation devices. A synthesis of design and technology, the unit has a flush, ultra-thin display that combines stylish looks with excellent display quality. The numerous functions built into this new device make it extremely easy to achieve optimum comfort levels in the domestic environment. Multimedia Video Touch acts as internal video phone that records missed calls; a digital whiteboard for messages in picture, text and audio formats; an audio and video player; and a calendar with alarm and calendar functions. The unit can also be connected to a LAN for Internet services such as web radio, weather forecasts and online newspapers. Integrated with a DIN web server, the device can control the entire By-Me home automation system through simple, customizable displays with photos of real rooms that make home management entirely intuitive. This makes it possible to control all the areas of a home from a single point, and for each of them store settings, adjust automatic management, change lighting, view images from optional IP cameras, and adjust temperatures while monitoring energy consumption levels. Multimedia Video Touch is available in with different finishes: crystal white diamond, black diamond and aluminium.


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