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Teltown residential quarter

Teltown residential quarter
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Prefa has participated in the project

The Teltown development is located in Teltow, a small town south of Berlin that has a low population density, plenty of green, and natural areas that have still not been urbanized. 

The project by the GRAFT practice covers the entire quarter, with 92 single-family houses in groups of 3-5 semi-detached units separated by open areas, where children can play and adults can socialize. The concept underlying the design is to find a balance between unity and variety, and between a sense of community and individuality by using an almost sculpted approach to architecture in which colors and materials are of primary importance.  

The shapes of the façades and roofs are highlighted through the use of aluminum façade rhomboid panels and tiles that wrap the buildings in a shimmering silver shell, with nuances from light grey to anthracite.   

The compositions of the façades vary, marked by square and rectangular windows that, depending on the type of room behind, can be anything from small to full height. The ventilated façade covers certain sections completely, while others are coated and framed by the cladding. Here, the geometry of the surfaces perfectly aligns with the cladding, which continues seamlessly onto the roof. 

Prefa’s façade rhomboid panels - in a special 56x56 size - are exceptionally easy to work with, cladding the structure perfectly and producing a high quality finish. 

Prefa’s aluminum tiles and panels for roofs and façades come with a 40 year guarantee. They are light and easy to install, but perform excellently in freezing conditions and with changes in temperature, as well as being durable. Prefa aluminum is rust-proof and fares well against chemical agents and corrosion. In this project, the chosen colors were created using a coil coating process that makes the material durable and stable, especially resistant to scratches, flaking, the elements and UV rays. This coating also has a 40 year guarantee.



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