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Tecnauto Arezzo, Italy

Tecnauto Arezzo, Italy
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Designed by architect pratice Baciocchi & Associati, the new Tecnauto facility in Arezzo, central Italy, combines three very different industrial buildings into a harmonious project.
The same materials and colours have been used to create a unified whole in a complex comprising a 3-storey office building, a warehouse-cum-workshop and a 2-storey, curved-roof showroom building. Promo developed the design and executive project for the structural, glazed and aluminium parts in close collaboration with the architects.
Access to the showroom on the first floor is by means of a glass and steel staircase encased in a parallelepiped glazed structure with a black-painted iron frame designed by Promo. Special design software enabled the structure to be as lightweight as possible, thereby enhancing its transparency. At night the lit staircase becomes a landmark beacon for the whole area.
The car dealership showroom extends over the whole of the first floor. The curtain wall sides of the building have no intermediary uprights but are supported by a horizotal beam. This too lends transparency and visibility, creating a continuum between inside and out. The showroom gives access to a second staircase leading to the office building. Here transparency is again the theme with extra-clear glass partition walls throughout.
The emphasis on glass is matched by an equally uniform use of two colours: anthracite grey and black. Both the interiors and exterior court follow this colour scheme. Floors and walls of the entrance, showroom and office are clad in black gres ceramic tiles, as is the communication door between the office area and the second internal staircase used only by staff and in deliberate contrast to the transparency of the glazed public-access staircase.

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