Taylor & Chatto Courts + Wilmott Courts in London, England.
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Taylor & Chatto Courts + Wilmott Courts in London, England. Forty-five new homes designed with hand-brick brick

Materiality creates continuity within their rich cultural context

Henley Halebrown

Taylor & Chatto Courts + Wilmott Courts in London, England.
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Forty-five new residences incorporate hand-made brick and red mortar— this materiality choice for all of the buildings tie the entire complex together. These mixed-tenure housing structures, skillfully designed by Henley Halebrown, are a much-needed addition to London, England. The Courts grace Well Street with their unique character.

Innovative Taylor & Chatto

Taylor & Chatto Courts as well as Wilmott Courts rest on the edge of the historic Frampton Park Estate. Taylor & Chatto’s twenty homes pay homage to their context in both scale and massing. The architects used precast concrete for the loggias and balcony units while strategically placing brick walls to encourage fresh air circulation. Chatto Court consists of two connected parts which are five-storey buildings that also contain ground-level townhouses on the two bottom floors. The top storeys are generously-sized apartments

Charming Wilmott

Wilmott’s twenty-five homes are sensitive in proportion and placement. Its apartments are arranged around a three-storey hall on the bottom floors. The top two floors consist of eight houses with a lovely open courtyard in the center that not only provides views, but also green space for the residents and their guests. Common areas and entrances cleverly recognize the collective and singular of shared spaces.

Taylor & Chatto Courts + Wilmott Courts are serving the local community with a wide-variety of living options— a truly valuable addition to the lovely Victorian Hackney.

Location: London, England
Completion: 01/2021
Client: Hackney Council
Architect: Henley Halebrown
Project architects: Jack Hawthorne & Ravi Pattni
Project team: Gavin Hale-Brown, Simon Henley, Craig Linnell, Michael Mee, Ami Skimming (project architect, pre-planning)
Structural and building: Peter Brett Associates
Services engineer: (now Stantec)
Structural engineer: WBD Group
Building services: Peter Deer and Associates
engineer (post-contract)
Cost consultant: Pellings
Project managment: Pellings
Planning consultant: CMA Planning
Landscape architect: Townshend Landscape Architects
Landscape architect: Farrer Huxley
Fire consultant: Salisbury Fire
Approved building: ACT inspector
Main contractor: Guildmore
Photography: David Grandorge and Nick Kane, Ståle Eriksen (Model)

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