Sustainable living in a floating village
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Sustainable living in a floating village

i29 architects

Sustainable living in a floating village
By Editorial Staff -

i29 architects has designed Floating Home, a new residence within Amsterdam’s iconic Schoonschip floating village. Currently home to 46 families, this neighborhood of houses on water aims to become the most sustainable floating community in Europe. Floating Home is just the latest in a series of projects that, part of the Space & Matter urban plan, will eventually see over 100 residents calling the city canal home.

The entire floating neighborhood is a truly sustainable urban ecosystem incorporated into the fabric of the city. Every design choice here is made with the intent of fully exploiting energy from renewable sources and reducing waste production by creating a space that cultivates natural biodiversity.

Floating Home is a showcase for sustainable development. It’s fully energy self-sufficient and has been carefully built according to the circular economy concept. The pier acts as a smart grid for the entire community. 

Besides acting as a common collector that connects all 46 floating families, its lower section houses all cabling and pipework, such as power, waste, and water.

i29 architects were able to customize the architecture and design of the floating building. Floating Home comprises three floors. A cut away section in the roof creates a terrace space with views over the harbor to the west. A series of large windows interrupts the dark exterior walls, creating an unusual and persistent relationship between the interior spaces and the rippling water that surrounds the building.

Architect: i29 architects 
Location: Amsterdam
Photography by © Ewout Huibers
courtesy of i29 architects 

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