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Step Level House

Ofis Arhitekti

Step Level House by OFIS | THE PLAN
By OFIS arhitekti -

The house is located in a residential area at the border between the city center and suburban district. There is a difference in height of 2.5 m between the level of the street and the further part of the lot. Following its topography, the volume of the house is divided into steps from the street to the garden level. This allows creating terraces with plants in every floor, overlooking the trees in the backyard garden.

The client, a bilingual family (Slovene-English), requested in the brief design of two different living room areas, one as a reception and guest greeting accessed by the street level and another for daily family life in the garden’s lower level. In that way, the stepped geometry of the house is evident in the programmatic organization as well. Ground floor level is intended for guest meeting and eventual activities while the core of domestic life is located in the lower level, where the kitchen and living room is connected visually and spatially with the patio and the garden. First floor accommodates the rooms for the family members. Second floor has being designed as a penthouse for guests. Each main activity has an associated terrace.

The duality of functions is clearly expressed in the sections as well. On the one hand there is a typical aggregation of floors in a single family house while on the other hand the voids for the garage and the terraces hollow the building in two parts while visually connecting the gardens in the back, the different terraces of the house and the main entrance from the street.

The resulting volume is wrapped in a perforated brick fabric in the exposed façades towards the street that act as a lattice and provides privacy while its back side is wide open glazed overlooking the several levels of private gardens.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Client: Private
Completion: 2019
Gross Floor Area: 385 m2
Architect: OFIS architekti
Design Team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Andrej Gregoric, Janez Martincic, José Navarrete Jiménez, Barbora Kubíčková, Filomena Zegarelli, Mariangela Fabbri, Sara Carciotti, Yelizaveta Smalonskaya, Katharina Felix, Viktoria Dimitrova, Ana Skobe, Roberta Gravina, Laura Martinez Vega
Main Contractor: URTEH

Mechanical: Vavtar enginering
Electrical: Eldata

Photography: © Tomaž Gregorič, courtesy of OFIS architekti

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