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By One Plus Partnership Limited -
Actors and actresses are the center of spirit for every successful movie made. These glittering stars shine through the screen and leave a memorable impression. Without them, movies would not have passed on from generations to generations. The designers embody the concept of ‘stars’ throughout the perimeter, which coincidentally matches the name of the shopping mall where the cinema was situated at – the Wuhan FX ‘Star’ City. Everyone’s association with the shape of a star shape comes down to similar configurations – directly proportional lines and same angle attributes. However, the designers break this long lived convention, epitomizing the concept of stars within every corner of the cinema. Upon arrival of the main lobby, scattered pieces of star patterns disguise among the background. The uncustomary forms of star patterns further trigger people’s imagination. The stones and tiles contour the impression of a ‘star’, without actualizing the definite form of it. By breaking up and rebuilding, the framework of the ‘star’ reformulates in the audience’s head. Wedges of wall visualize the 3D construction of a star. Unlike evenly distributed squares, stars comprise of uneven lines and angles. Imagine turning a star into pod vessels, then shrink or elongate each angle. Through 3D actualization, the wall bestows a various ‘star’ feeling. As stars illuminate and sparkle in the dark, the designers simulate the texture with silver colored metals whereas the background remains dark. This enormous contrast further attributes to the brightness of the stars. Film information is being attached to the wall. In the same area, box office and concession exist side by side. They hid among the cloud of stars without arousing any suspicions. The auditorium prolongs the shape of a star. The walls are made up of layers and layers of 3D panels, which reflect the pattern of a star by light and shades. Again, the designers show their inventiveness by hiding the star message, without actually showing the normal star pattern. Lines intersecting with each other, configuring shapes with various angles on the carpet, which matches with the star patterns on the seats. Various embodiments carry the hidden star message throughout the perimeter. The designers came up with two other designs which hook tightly to the ‘star’ theme. The first one depicts five straight lines intersecting each other at an intersection point, also portrays a different form of how ‘stars’ could be conveyed in various shapes and patterns. Whereas the other one filled with 3D elongated star pillar forms being dissected into different pieces. These ‘dissected’ pieces are attached to the surrounding of the auditorium, with various angles pointing towards different directions. Similar with the lobby, VIP area comprises of slices of star panels, hanging down from the ceiling. Looking from below, the star pattern reveals itself. Different length combinations bring in extra actualization hint.

City: Wuhan, China
Client: Hubei Insun Cinema Film Co., Ltd.
Completion Date: 2015
Gross Floor Area: 5500 sqm
Costs: ($)2070000
Architects: Charmaine Lee
Design team: Ajax Law & Virginia Lung, One Plus Partnership Limited
Main Contractor: One Plus Partnership Limited
Photo Credits: Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography

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