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A plus for the kitchen

Stainless Steel
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A kitchen is often the hub of a home, a place for eating and chatting. In catering to this dual role, it is vital never to overlook the kitchen’s primary function as a spotless environment for the preparation of food. Fully aware of these various requirements, CEA has long favored AISI 316L stainless steel to ensure top quality and sustainability of its kitchen and bathroom components. Particularly corrosion-resistant, stainless steel is synonymous with hygiene and a bacteria-free environment, a feature that makes it a first-choice material in the kitchen. Fully recyclable, steel is justly considered environment-friendly. Its high mechanical strength guaranteed by the manufacturing process by CEA means performance and sleek elegance in the long term, while wipe-clean easy maintenance makes it ideal for the kitchen as well as other environments. As well as all the advantages of stainless steel, CEA’s kitchen collections show how the company is on the same wavelength as its final users and architects. The vast range of components can be mixed and matched with any environment. All collections are available in sleek satin or polished finishes, but also can be customized thanks to the CEA Special Finishes color chart. Shades include Copper, Bronze, Light Gold and Black Diamond - eternal finishes that bring out the natural, glossy yet hardwearing quality of steel. The color options mean that kitchen faucets can also be in keeping with the rest of the interior décor, adding to the sophistication of any environment. Aesthetic excellence combines with flexible functionality. Pullout sink mixers make rinsing sinks and dishes easier; height-adjustable swivel spouts allow all-purpose use, combining design and function. Particularly innovative is Knee by Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo. The crisp, exquisitely simple design of this cylindrical mixer makes a bold statement in any kitchen. The arresting contrast of materials combines a fixed steel section and an antiseptic, high-temperature resistant soft polyurethane spout. Innovo, designed by Natalino Malasorti (CEA founder and art director) takes essential lines and shapes to the next level in a combination of design and technology. Made in AISI 316 steel, Innovo’s 3-cm tube encases the entire tap, from spout to mixer. The ergonomic lever allows fingertip regulation of water flow.

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