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Zumtobel Group has participated in the project
A new exhibition wing designed by Schneider+Schumacher has recently been added to Frankfurt’s Städel Museum. This new area extends for 3,000m2 under the garden in front of the central section of the museum. The curved roof of the new wing means the garden now has a convex shape. This new “green square” is evenly dotted with the 195 skylights that light the space below ground. Since the new exhibition area lies below the surface, the lighting project - by Licht Kunst Licht and Zumtobel - was central to the entire design. The skylights on the ceiling of the exhibition hall were conceived and developed specifically for this purpose, taking into account both future use and the need to comply with certain architectural and conservation restrictions. To ensure excellent colour rendering and light distribution, the skylights vary in diameter between 1.5 and 2.5 m, combining ring-shaped elements with both warm (2700K) and cold (5000K) LEDs. The LEDs ensure that when needed - at dusk or on overcast days - natural light can be supplemented, constantly ensuring uniform lighting for all exhibited works. The whole lighting system is operated using Zumtobel’s Luxmate Professional system that adjusts artificial light to compensate for natural light and so provide the maximum illumination sustainable by the particular works on display. A heliometer on the museum’s roof feeds the system with the information needed to regulate light intensity. The skylights can be operated either individually or in groups, depending on pre-set parameters that can re-configured to cater for any variations in the exhibition space, which is delimited by moveable partitions. This incredible flexibility makes it possible to exhibit works with radically different light-sensitivity next to each other. The skylights are connected to Arcos LED directional spotlights that can be turned on when special lighting is needed on individual objects or walls. Plus, each skylight has a fully automated sun-screening system that has four levels, right down to full dimming. Internal light sensors signal any anomalies that might interfere with lighting, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for enjoying the artworks on display at all times.

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