Sports and Fitness Club: Rebuilding and healing the urban fabric
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Sports and Fitness Club: Rebuilding and healing the urban fabric

Picco architetti

Sports and Fitness Club: Rebuilding and healing the urban fabric

PICCO Architetti has designed a new sports and fitness club for insurer Reale Mutua Assicurazioni. This redevelopment project on an urban scale helps heal the city.

Restoring the Italian urban fabric is one of the country’s priorities in its growth and development plans. Over recent years, insurance company Reale Mutua Assicurazioni has invested heavily in developing its realty holdings. A prime example is the transformation of the block bounded by Corso Siccardi and Via Bertola in Turin.

The project, the work of PICCO Architetti, is an example of healing and rebuilding a 19th-century urban site by creating a contemporary structure that blends in with its setting.

The project, which involves rebuilding the group’s sports and fitness club in a more central area of Turin, will occupy around 194,000 sq.ft. and comprise a gym, changing rooms, a number of outdoor sports facilities, and a large green space. The main building comprises three volumes, two with a pitched roof and one with a flat roof. The three are interconnected, forming a fan shape that opens towards the south. Each one is marked by its clean profile and regular openings, comprising splayed windows set back from the brickwork alternating with windows set flush with it. The roofs have double-seamed sheet metal roofing. The facades have a plaster finish over insulation. While the windows are equipped with powder-coated thermal break aluminum profiles.

Changing and storage rooms are located on the basement and semi-basement levels. The slightly raised ground floor is home to bars, restaurants, members’ rooms, and a multipurpose room. These spaces are arranged in a semicircle around large, elegant windows that overlook a covered walkway beside the garden area to the south. The club offices are on the first floor, along with a gym, solarium terrace, and a caretaker’s apartment.

Outdoor sports areas surround the club building. To the north are a full-size soccer field and a beach volleyball court. To the south, there are two clay tennis courts, one basketball court, and one paddle ball court.

City: Turin
Client: Reale Mutua Assicurazioni
Completion: September 2019
Footprint area: 19.000 m2
Architect: PICCO architetti _ Cristiano Picco architetto, Federica Gomiero architetto
Photography: Fabio Oggero courtesy PICCO Architetti



Windows: Schüco
Dry walls and ceilings : Gyproc – Saint Gobain
Porcelain floors: Marazzi

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