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SOUL kitchen
By Editorial Staff -

Ernestomeda’s Soul kitchen, designed by the company’s art director, Giuseppe Bavuso, is a savvy reinterpretation of the concept of a house, offering a solution meeting both practical needs and more “emotional” ones. Bavuso sees the perfect balance between beauty and functionality as an outstanding feature of the Soul kitchen, providing concrete solutions to extend a kitchen from a mere preparation space to a heart of social interaction. The fluid harmony of this kitchen is expressed through materials that offer performance excellence without compromising on aesthetics, and technological and design solutions that actively simplify kitchen tasks, from preparing food to tidying up afterwards. For example, the extensive Bay washing area is beautifully linked to the Quick slide chopping board in an amalgam of practicality. The board can slide easily right across the counter top, linking food preparation with the cooking and washing areas, while also doubling as a stovetop cover. The stovetop is also slightly lower than the general level, as this is far more convenient when working in the kitchen. The fusion of kitchen and living areas is another aspect Giuseppe Bavuso feels epitomizes this mercurial balance, achieved by versatile, modular elements. For example, the Medley bookcase - usable as a base unit back assembly or as a free-standing sideboard - can provide that common thread linking different environments, especially when used as standalone shelves. Soul also includes the delightful Cyclos table that has a revolving top so it can adapt to the need of the moment, from a surface for a snack to a full-on lunchtime meal. The In Line wall unit is simple and linear, but boasts an innovative opening and closing system completely concealed in the side panels - an Ernestomeda exclusive. The elegance of this kitchen design is more than a simple merger of functionality and beauty, with elements that actively work to create healthy rooms. For example, the highly-effective air filter and the refined Tag Filter handles allow air to circulate through the units. “Soul perfectly embodies my long professional partnership with the Ernestomeda team”, explained the art director, “and has enabled me to put my passion for experimentation into practice, through ambitious projects that never lack soul”.


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